How to Hold a Non-Religious Memorial Service

If you want to stage an event that will reflect the joy of a recently deceased loved one's life, then there are plenty of services that will fit the bill. Nevertheless, it can be a bit trickier to do so in a non-religious way if the person concerned was a non-believer during their life. In some cases, a departed family member will stipulate in their will that they would like a non-religious ceremony after their death but leave few plans as to how to go about this. [Read More]

Funeral Traditions From Around the World

If you're preplanning your own funeral or are making final arrangements for someone else, you may want to do a little research about different funeral traditions from around the world, as you might incorporate some traditions from your own heritage or those from the heritage of the friend whose arrangements you're making. Note a few interesting funeral traditions and practices from different cultures and countries. Portugal In Portugal, church bells will typically ring to signify the death of someone in a local city or village. [Read More]

Funeral Service: 5 Items to Remember a Loved One

If you are currently in the process of planning the funeral of a loved one, you may be considering which items you wish to include as part of the funeral arrangements. Below is a guide to 5 popular cemetery items. Headstones Headstones are the traditional choice for a grave marker. The advantage of a headstone is that it can contain much more information compared to a small plaque. This will enable you to have a message or poem inscribed alongside the details of the deceased. [Read More]

Viewings, Wakes, and Visitations: What to Expect

When someone you know dies, you may be invited to their funeral. The deceased's family may also decide to hold a wake, viewing, or visitation. Visitations, wakes, and viewings are all occasions that take place before the funeral service itself. These happenings make it possible for other mourners to spend time with the body of the deceased as well as with the family, should they so wish. But what should you expect at such occasions? [Read More]